Weekend Vibes

Weekend vibes, part one.

It was a sea-to-sky kind of day, except in reverse. The more time I spend in nature, the more it energizes, nurtures, challenges and inspires. Feeling major stoke factor.


Weekend vibes, part two.

I stood at the edge with a mix of euphoria and breath-arresting fear; peering down at the sheer drop. An adrenaline rush like that is not something I go looking for. Not a thrill-seeker. At that moment though, I felt compelled to stand and hold in a tenuous equilibrium. If for nothing else, to know that I can. A mix of contradicting emotions coursed through me and I felt very much alive.


Weekend vibes, part three.
After getting back home from the mountaintop, I stayed long enough to change into paddling gear. As I pushed off from the shore, I could hear the voices of the people basking at the beach and laughter of three girls laying on their boards, floating without a care. Headed out of the bay, the sounds faded away until all that could be heard was the rhythmic sloshing of the paddle going through water, and lapping of ripples against the board. There I stopped and sat for a long time watching the sun touch the horizon then disappear below…


The water calmed throughout the channel so I paddled far out of the bay, to the chorus of oystercatchers’ calls. The feet felt firmly grounded to the deck and balance came easily, almost automatically now, so I leaned into each stroke; the thrust forward defining freedom. I was hot and thirsty from the efforts by the time I returned to shore.

There wasn’t much in the way of clouds to paint the sunset so I snapped a few half-hearted frames and decided to break camp and haul the board away to load it up. On the last trip down the stairs to fetch gear, my mouth was dry and I was thinking abut the bottle inside the duffel bag and looking forward to a last swig of the water that remained. In that time of inattention, the sky had changed and became intense in colour like a blood orange; I bit into it eagerly and my thirst was quenched.